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    Preview clip from “Long Live the Queen” [x]

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    oh gee i dont have receipts on this but i do know a lot of the animating crew said this season was pretty rough emotionally, esp the last 2 eps!

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    What do you guys think about book 3 actually continuing on to book 4?because at this point, theres only 4 more episodes lefT? i think

    idk how they’re gonna fill up all this content and resolving of the conflict in that short period of time without it feeling rushed or incomplete imo.

    And while…

    I agree that four episodes isn’t very much time to resolve this. Not to mention that we STILL don’t know exactly what the Red Lotus want to do with Korra. But I think the suspense of that is what has been propelling this Book forward (and part of the reason why it’s so good!), and as soon as we know everything, it might wind down pretty fast. That would likely be Bryke’s reasoning for waiting until episode 9 to give us an idea of what the baddies want.

    I don’t think the Lord Zuko and Tonraq thing was really a plotline so much as a segue, a way of introducing these characters. Although considering the global anarchy that these guys are after, they might very well go after both men and the twins. And the Earth Queen and president, of course.

    I believe it was mentioned in an interview with Mike and Bryan that they had trouble trying to get so many characters in the final battle, just like in Book 2: Asami, Tonraq, Senna, Katara, Ikki, Meelo, Oogie, Naga, and Pabu all got sidelined because there were just so many characters.

    But I agree—there are SO many plotlines to wrap up. You’ve got the airbenders, Lin and Su (I think there’ll be important conflict between them), the spiteful Earth Queen, the president’s beef with Korra and spirits, Bolin’s metalbending (something should happen just in terms of plot structure; they’ve introduced it, so now they should do something with it), Makorra (although I wouldn’t be too surprised if nothing happened on that front; we only got obvious moments in episodes 1 and 2), and of course the Red Lotus’ plans, which could majorly expand the scope of the story as soon as we learn what those are.

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    the only scenes from the trailers we haven’t seen yet are



    so the rest of book 3 is pretty much a mystery

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    Korra + Politics.

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Nickelodeon respond to the episode getting put up on their website early.
tweet link


    Nickelodeon respond to the episode getting put up on their website early.

    tweet link

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  9. Korra, as the Avatar you need to standardize these Pai Sho rules.

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    Every. Time. 

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